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Home Floor Finishing

Floor Finishing

Much like your space in your home .Floor finishing matters all through your personal space. From a garage to a basement even laundry and mechanical rooms we do it all. When it comes to a man cave its the ultimate solution to concrete coatings. 

Spring Is Coming Soon

concrete coating

Spring is coming and that involves spring cleaning and what a great time to get a new floor finishing installed. If its concrete we got it covered. We do all the custom looks Marble,Granite,Quarts, and custom Logos including all your favorite NFL or NBA and even Hockey colors available.

BBB & Google

better buesiness bureau

We here at Concrete Painters appreciate BBB and Google reviews so please feel free to leave a review for our future customers. We understand moving into the future with technology a MY GARAGE APP will be launched in spring.

Making The Customer Happy

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We here at Concrete Painters strive to make the customer happy and get that WOW look when you look at your new floor covering. Your ultimate satisfaction is our sale. Please feel free to drop us a line and let us know how we can improve your customer service experiences. Thank You For Your Time

Explosive Growth

concrete floor coating

Due to our Explosive Growth in the residential and builders market we have expanded our presence on the internet with a new website and twitter feed for currently completed jobs. A media site @ will launch in April so you can find out anything you want to know and connect to the best products available for your garage solution needs.

The fututre

epoxy floor coating

With concrete floor coatings moving to the residential market we want to provide you with the highest quality concrete coatings from the commercial and industrial industries. Doing that opens the door to other garage painting you might need like walls. Our simple storage solution's and cost effective products will complete your Garage.